Anything and Everything Can Become Our Teacher …

Anything and everything can become our teacher of the moment, reminding us of the possibility of being fully present: the gentle caress of air on our skin, the play of light, the look on someone’s face, a passing contraction in the body, a fleeting thought in the mind. Anything. Everything. If it is met with awareness. Continue reading “Anything and Everything Can Become Our Teacher …”

To Everything A Season …

On the spiritual path, it is not optional to know ourselves. It’s not optional to be willing to make mistakes. Such qualities are essential. They lead to the gradual growth of a person “to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13). The reason we sin and suffer is not because we are weak or wrong but simply because we are human. In this school of humanity sin abounds, but grace abounds even more (Romans 5:21). God uses human imperfection to achieve divine perfection; God uses weakness to create strength (2 Corinthians 12:10); God uses humans to create sons and daughters of God. Continue reading “To Everything A Season …”

Prayer for the Strength & Courage to Change …

Dear God,
Grant me the strength to be who I must be,
to do what I must do.
Give me the courage to stand strong against my fears
and have the will to express my feelings and needs.
Help me to realize I have the power to change
— no matter what anyone tells me —
because of You.
Give me the faith I need to believe in You always
— even when it seems You are not there.
I ask this in Jesus’ name.

— L. Bird (Charters Settlement, NB)

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