The Meadow and Prayer …

As we walk into words that have waited for us to enter them, so
the meadow, muddy with dreams, is gathering itself together

and trying, with difficulty, to remember how to make wildflowers.
Imperceptibly heaving with the old impatience, it knows

for certain that two horses walk upon it, weary of hay. Continue reading “The Meadow and Prayer …”

Silence Is One Of The Major Thresholds In The World …

Silence is one of the major thresholds in the world  … Meister Eckhart said that there is nothing in the world that resembles God so much as silence. Silence is a great friend of the soul; it unveils the riches of solitude. It is very difficult to reach that quality of inner silence. You must make a space for it so that it may begin to work for you. Continue reading “Silence Is One Of The Major Thresholds In The World …”

The Art Of Letting Go …

I don’t understand the physics of this, but it is said that the reason a bird sitting on a hot wire does not get electrocuted is quite simply because it does not touch the ground to give the electricity a pathway. That is what the Welcoming Prayer is doing, and that is what I am asking you to do. Stay like a bird, Continue reading “The Art Of Letting Go …”