Desert Day 46: Tearing Of The Temple Veil (Good Friday Meditation) …

There are so many haunting lines in the passion narratives. Who of us, for instance, is not stirred in the soul when the passion story is read in church and we come to the part where Jesus takes his last breath and there is that minute of silence, where we all drop to our knees? No Good Friday homily is ever as effective as that single line (“he gave up his spirit”) and the moving silence that ensues.

Another such line that has always haunted me is the one that follows immediately after. Jesus dies and we are told that, at the very second of his death, “the veil of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom.” My imagination, even when I was very little, has always been able to picture that. I have this picture in my mind of it growing dark in the middle of the day and then at the second of Jesus’ death, almost as if by lightening, the temple veil is ripped from top to bottom while everyone looks on stunned, convinced now, too late, that the person they’ve just mocked and crucified is the Christ. It’s a great picture. But, my imagination aside, what is really meant by that phrase that the veil of the temple ripped open at the moment of Jesus’ death? Continue reading “Desert Day 46: Tearing Of The Temple Veil (Good Friday Meditation) …”

Blessing Prayer I …

May God who created you from love and for love
heal and bless you –
embracing you in the tenderest of mercies.
May Jesus who died for you
lift the burden of pain from your heart –
and take it to himself –
for he is gentle – and humble of heart –
and desires rest for your soul.

May the Spirit of consolation deep within you
awaken anew –
to comfort you and strengthen you;
to restore your trust
and renew your love.

May Mary, the mother of Jesus,
whose own heart was pierced as with a sword,
enfold your prayers for healing in her own.

And may you find peace in the love of the People of God –
forgiving its brokenness –
understanding its frailty –
and trusting its deep desire to be reconciled with you –
so that you, God’s precious son/ daughter –
can once again find in the its midst
a people and a place that you can call home.

– Wellspring