Have you wondered what consecrated life is, and if you might be called to this radical way of life? “The Consecrated Life, deeply rooted in the example and teaching of Christ the Lord, is a gift of God the Father to his Church through the Holy Spirit. In every age there have been men and women who, obedient to the Father’s call and to the prompting of the Spirit have chosen this special way of following Christ, in order to devote themselves to him with an ‘undivided’ heart.” — Vita Consecrata

A Prayer to Know & Follow One’s Vocation

O Jesus, I desire that you make your will known to me; I wish to follow you. Enlighten my soul and give me the strength and courage to choose the state of life in which you wish me to serve you. Dearest Mother Mary, obtain grace for me through your powerful intercession.


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“When a young lady of the upper class chooses to place herself at the service of the poor, it causes an authentic revolution, the biggest, the most difficult one: the revolution of love.” — Mother Teresa of Culcutta