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The Ties That Bind Us with Paula D’Arcy and Craig Hella Johnson

As I watch the canyon wren or inspect the improbable flowers blooming in this rocky soil, I hear God saying, ‘I will supply your needs.’ I guess I cling to people and things because I do not trust that fully enough. I really don’t believe that nothing generates with me, and everything begins and ends with God’s bounty. I pray for a new consciousness which knows the truth that none of us are separate and everything comes from God.
— Paula D’Arcy from Gift of the Red Bird: A Spiritual Encounter

The Ties That Bind Us
Exploring the Underlying Oneness that Connects Us All
with Paula D’Arcy and Craig Hella Johnson

Come be with two of Austin’s greatest treasures as they weave a tapestry of connection through stories, reflections, and music.

Politics, the media, and civic unrest can cause us to focus on our differences and the seemingly wide gap between how each ‘side’ views the world.

Paula and Craig will remind us through powerful stories and music that no matter the surface differences, we are all connected. Grounded in and strengthened by their wisdom, we will leave more compassionate and open to new ideas to help our world flourish. Please join us for this inspiring virtual experience!

The Ties That Bind Us with Paula D’Arcy and Craig Hella Johnson on Sunday afternoon, September 27th at 2:00 pm Central Daylight Time (Noon Pacific, 1:00 pm Mountain, and 3:00 pm Eastern).


Sponsored by Eremos, a Center of Contemplative Life, Conspirare, and The Red Bird Foundation.

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