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2019 Advent Daily Meditations …

Celebration is an attentive and gracious joy of presence. When you celebrate, you are taking time to recognize, to open your eyes and behold in your life the quiet miracles and gifts that seek no attention; yet each day they nourish, shelter, and animate your life. The art of belonging in, with, and to your self is what gives life and light to your presence; it brings a radiance to your countenance and poise to your carriage. When your heart is content, your life can always find the path inwards to this deep stillness in you.
— John O’Donohue from Eternal Echoes


Advent 2019 – Comfort & Joy

Preparing for Christmas

December …

  1. A Sacred Season
  2. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
  3. Ritual
  4. Walk, Don’t Run
  5. Practising Peace In Times of War
  6. An Open and Growing Heart
  7. Our Real Work
  8. The Medicine That Lives In A Story
  9. The Deeper My Joy
  10. For Mercy’s Sake
  11. Oneness With Love
  12. Don’t Hesitate
  13. When the Well Runs Dry
  14. Season of Listening
  15. Choose Joy
  16. Second Sight
  17. Awakening To Your Heart
  18. Harnessing The Power Of Love
  19. Bearing Witness
  20. Creator of the Stars
  21. Sanctuaries That Emerge From The Magnificent Stream (Winter Solstice)
  22. The Dawn Is Coming
  23. Hospitality
  24.  Joy Is Within Our Reach


Thank you for sharing your advent journey with me.  

And as with prayer, which is a dipping of oneself toward the light, there is a consequence of attentiveness to the grass itself, and the sky itself, and to the floating bird. I too leave the fret and enclosure of my own life. I too dip myself toward the immeasurable.
— Mary Oliver from Winter Hours


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