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Advent Meditation: Different Every Year …

Every year we hear the same stories. Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, foreigners – all on different journeys and all converging in Bethlehem. These stories, carols, church services, school plays: the same every year but also different. Different because we are different every year. Every year we bring ourselves to these stories, and we’re always changing. We’ve had different experiences, we’re asking different questions. We’ll see something new, hear a detail we never noticed. A word, a phrase, a meaning will come to our aid in a new way.

The power in these stories is that they have the capacity to meet  us wherever we are in life. They keep speaking to the world’s tensions and crises. The journeys keep crossing paths at Bethlehem.
— Mark A. Villano from Time to Get Ready: An Advent, Christmas Reader to Wake Your Soul

Advent Prayer

God of promise,
Make us ready for Your coming.
Help us to find quiet moments of contemplation.
Help us to see awesome beauty in one another’s eyes.
Help us to hear and respond to the cries of the poor and
the oppressed.
Help us to breathe in the wonders of nature.
Help us to walk along that path that leads to You.
Help us to find the only truth that will save us.
Help us to serve You until that day
When we meet face to face.
Help us to grow closer to You with each passing day
And to love You.
Come, Lord Jesus! Amen.
—  Carmen L. Caltagirone from Together We Pray

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