Desert Day 22: Song of Awakening (Spring Meditation) …

As you light a candle:

Listen, all you seeds in the Earth,
buried in your dark Earthen tombs,
as this flame of my spring candle
penetrates the darkness,
may your young tender stems pierce the Earth
to dance in wind and rain
just as this flame, like a tiny sun,
now dances before me.

Father of Fire, Mother of Mystery,
teach me the lesson of spring
as all creation comes alive –
tree and bush, flower and plant –
in the alleluia richness
of the resurrection of creation.
Grant me the gift, O God,
to do the same.

Teach me, O glorious Spring,
the lesson that nothing dies completely.
At the death of my body help me to know
that I have not entered an endless winter,
but simply a stage in the unfolding mystery
whose name is Life.
— Edward Hays from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim

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