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In The Gentle Whisper …

Christ you come to us,
Not in the wind and storm,
Not in the earthquake and fire,
But in the gentle whisper,
The sound of sheer silence,
A breath of calm that stills the sea,
And quietens my soul.
It calls to my heart:
Be not afraid,
Peace be still.
Come walk on the water,
Follow me across the waves.
No task is impossible,
No pain unbearable
When I the Lord of heaven and earth,
Hold your hand.
When I am with you
Peace shall be the pathway for you feet.
Christine Sine

In the quiet of this place
in the dark of the night
I wait and watch.
In the stillness of my soul
and from its fathomless depths
the senses of my heart are awake to You.
For fresh soundings of life
for new showings of light
I search in the silence of my spirit,
O Blessing God.
— J. Philip Newell from Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer