God Will Wound You Deeply …

More than four hundred years ago, Saint John of the Cross wrote about this mysterious and unexpected way in which God draws our hearts to his.  “God begins His greatest work when the inner man is opened to Him,” John wrote.  Then he added, “God will wound you deeply. For in this way, He continues to open all the inner chambers of your soul.”

Why would God go to such trouble — reaching into the farthest crevices of your soul, disturbing your plans, rattling your cage? Why not just leave you be?

Simply put, such disturbances marks your best chances of hearing his voice in the deep places where your heart makes up its mind.  “In all of this [wounding] God is opening the way to the central chamber of your soul. There He plans to set before you a feast. This, I tell you, is the banquet place of the Holy Spirit.,” John of the Cross explained.  Only when the heart can hear, can we receive the experience of being loved, the joy of belonging to the Father.  And pain is often the megaphone that awakens.

In the inner chambers of your heart, God steps past all your talent and hard work — all that you would think he values. He goes straight for the messy, broken places in you because it’s there that you can truly discover him. This is the way he frees your heart to love, to risk, to grab hold of life for the joy that’s there.
— Paula Rienhart from Strong Women, Soft Hearts

Tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit. Eventually everyone begins to realize, however dimly, that there must be a better way. As this recognition becomes more firmly established, it becomes a turning point. This ultimately reawakens spiritual vision …
A Course In Miracles (Ch. 2, Section III, Paragraph 3, Sentences 5-8)

In a futile attempt to erase our past, we deprive the community of our healing gift. If we conceal our wounds out of fear and shame, our inner darkness can neither be illuminated nor become a light for others.
― Brennan Manning from Abba’s Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging

In Love’s service, only wounded soldiers can serve.
― Brennan Manning from Abba’s Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging

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