Infinite Ways To Hold And Love The World …

How you have lived the essence of what we are will be different from how I have lived it. You may see it in the consistent thread of desire in your choices to add beauty to the world through art or science, to be kind, to include those who are at times excluded, to work for justice or fairness, to lighten hearts with humor, to care for family or friends.

There are a thousand ways our essential nature can be expressed in the world, infinite ways to hold and love the world. If you look at your life from within that sense of the quiet stillness you are, you will see this inner-essence, this innocence, like a bright thread woven throughout the center of your life. It has always been there because it is what you are, and living it consciously is why you are here.

— Oriah Mountain Dreamer from The Call: Discovering Why You Are Here