Pay Attention …

If only a voice could whisper to us each morning. Pay attention. You’re looking at something incredibly beautiful. It’s called NOW. Just for a moment, listen to it. Take it in.

There is enough love. There’s healing, if you want to be well. There’s joy, if you won’t put conditions on how it appears, if you’ll let it come in a thousand different ways.

Watch the natural world. Feel the wind.


You have never walked alone. You are not alone. There is within you that which is greater than anything you will ever face. It is the greatest power in creation. Take a deep breath.

You will take your suffering consciously or unconsciously. If you take it consciously, everything will begin to open.

The greater soul is real and every creature utters the divine mystery.

It is humankind that has said God is apart from creation. God is not removed. God is near.

If you could let go of your names for God, and your ideas about God, and your good works to please God, there would be nothing left to encounter but God.

The true, original creation puts out forms of itself in order to exist in the world as a person, separate and distinct. That is in you and in everyone, either in full bloom or in potentiality.

Let the eyes of your inner being begin to focus.

You like the biblical figures, are wrestling with the face of Love. Your true character, the God-given character, is trying to emerge.

Everything you know and are and experience and touch is Spirit giving itself, the Soul giving itself, consenting, in sacrifice, to nourish its human part into awareness. Giving, giving, giving to you and to all lesser forms so you will evolve.

So walk, now, as a child of the light. Use your time. This is your life. This is it.

—  Paula D’Arcy from Seeking with All My Heart: Encountering God’s Presence Today