A Straight Path …

“A voice of one calling: In the desert, prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the wilderness a highway for God.”   Isaiah 40:3

It’s the journey toward the destination that makes the travel and arrival worthwhile. It’s no different as we move closer to Christmas. The season engages our entire being, challenging us to prepare a way for the Light of the world to be born anew in our hearts, not only at Christmas, but each and every day of our lives.

A Straight Path

If you hear
that voice today
from a distant, parched land;
then prepare a way,
not out there
but in your heart.

Not a winding road,
but a straight
visible path
to an inner kingdom
where he longs to lay
in a manger of light.

All this talk
of repent and reform;
the reign of God is here,
now, in you and me.
This is where God
Wants to dwell …
right here, right now.

The messengers
appear everyday,
coming and going,
wearing their different disguises.
When will you finally
have ears to hear?
— Wendi Romero from Clear A Path For The Season Of Advent