Prayers for Singles: Morning Prayer …

Good morning, Lord, here I am!

I may only be half-awake, but I am slowly learning that this time I spend with you at the beginning of each new day refreshes and prepares me like nothing else can for what is ahead.

Thank you for the night’s rest and for the gift of this new day.  I ask you know, Lord Jesus, to bless and touch my day, and I invite you to use me in any way you possibly can.

Help me to find time to listen to others.  Help me not to monopolize their ears just because an audience is in short supply in my life.

Allow me opportunities to touch, because I have come to learn what healing and affirmation there can be in the closeness of touching.

Let me appreciate and, yes, even savor the joys which can come with being single …

And let me to find laughter: the ability to laugh at myself and my mistakes and not take myself too seriously; the laughter which comes from hearing a good joke; the laughter form the sheer joy and pleasure of being alive.

Lord, take this day and make something good of it.  Protect the people I love, those I work with, and those I am about to meet.

Watch over me, Lord Jesus.  Guide, direct, and bless me, so that when evening comes I can thank you for the good day we shared together.


— William Rabior from “Prayers for Singles”