Prayers for Singles: Evening Prayer …

I come to you now, Lord, at the end of my day.

This time is just for me – the quiet time that I save for myself.

So much has happened today, and I want to place it all – both the good and the bad – at your feet and lay it all to rest.

Help me begin now to still the busyness of my mind.  Bring me to that quiet and calm point where I can find the relaxation and rest I need.

I ask for healing of any wounds inflected upon me today.  I also ask for forgiveness for any wounds I may have inflicted upon others.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for using me today to touch the lives of other people.  Thank you, to, for the special gift of having others reach out to touch me.  I am grateful for everything which came from you to me today.

Now that night has come, I place myself completely in your hands.  Bless and protect me and those I love.

Grant me peace-filled sleep, Lord.  When morning comes, may I awaken refreshed and renewed, ready once more to serve you as best I can.


— William Rabior from “Prayers for Singles”