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Thanksgiving Prayer (Family and Fellowship) …

Heavenly Father
we meet together
your people
one people
your family
bound together
with the woven chord
that binds all of creation together
fashioned from your love.
Brothers and sisters
children together
One family in fellowship
with you, its Heavenly Father.
May this be a time of joy
a time for growing
a time for strengthening
a time for loving
family time
quality time
— John Birch.
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As a part of nature’s wondrous cycle
Of new birth, growth, fruitfulness and death
We rejoice in the creation of new life,
For parenthood, the passing on of knowledge,
For understanding and the wisdom of years.
We are grateful for those who have gone before
Passing on to us our spiritual heritage.
May our lives blossom as the apple tree in Spring
May we become fruitful in thought and deed
And may the seed of love that falls to the ground
Linger beyond our time upon this earth.
— John Birch.
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We bless you, God of Seed and Harvest
And we bless each other
That the beauty of this world
And the love that created it
Might be expressed though our lives
And be a blessing to others
Now and always
— John Birch.
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