Prayers to Know & Follow God’s Will …

As I look upon your face, Loving Jesus, I see your invitation to trust you.  Send your Holy Spirit upon me as I make my pilgrimage in life and grant me the grace to trust You more and more each day.  You have given me a unique constellation of gifts and talents to be used in building up the community of faith.  May I always look your face and see You as the greatest sign of God’s love for me.  Then grant me the courage to follow your witness by giving my life in loving service.  Amen.
— Rev. Craig A. Pregana

O Jesus, I desire that you make your will known to me; I wish to follow you.  Enlighten my soul and give me the strength and courage to choose the state of life in which you wish me to serve you.  Dearest Mother Mary, obtain grace for me through your powerful intercession.
— Author Unknown


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