Story About A Film – Vocation Sunday

An inspiring story aired on BBC World Service – Outlook  this week.   It was about a film that was made about the Carmelite Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity – a silent order of religious sisters that are located in the busy Notting Hill area of London.  The film’s title is No Greater Love by Michael Whyte.

I was particularly struck by our great need for stillness and how this hunger is so often unrecognized or simply ignored.   And yet love has a way of transcending through all the barriers – and leads us back into stillness – where there is joy, peace – and above all abundance through love.  It is stillness that we seek with weary hearts – the antidote to the sighing and longing of our hearts – the sanctuary and freedom from all the distractions and brokeness that torment and bring chaos into our busy lives.  It is the very heart of love that brings the hope with which we journey – the breath that sustains us – and the light that destroys all darkness.  Because it is in stillness that love shows us the way …